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Private workshop 1to1 coaching with Mikael, including the digital education SKY HIGH 5.0


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Private workshop 1to1 coaching with Mikael, including the digital education SKY HIGH 5.0


Private workshop, 1to1 coaching with Mikael:
Exclusive private 1 to 1 coaching that is tailored to your needs and lasts 90 minutes or until we are done. First, we conduct a short introductory interview where you tell what you want help with. The coaching takes place in our office in Gothenburg, Stockholm or via ZOOM / SKYPE / WhatsApp or telephone.

The education "SKY HIGH 5.0" - Master your INTUITION:
The training consists of 6 modules containing videos, exercises and downloadable worksheets. The training teaches you how to strengthen your trust and how to activate your intuition 100%.


“SKY HIGH 5.0”
The digital advanced education includes:
- 6 modules incl. exercises and practical tools
- 5 different practical tools: “The YES language”, “0-20 system”, “What do you want deep down?”, “IAIT - Intuitive Answers in Trust” and “The 12 list”.
- Practical exercises with downloadable PDFs
- Access to education for 24 months


Mikael gives you 20 years of his vast experience packaged in a pedagogical digital education. You will learn about what intuition is and what trust is. We find out what you deep down want in your life. You will learn how to fully activate your intuition.


TilliT Glada Nyheter
/ happy trust EDUCATION

Heleneborgsgatan 34
117 32 Stockholm
Tel: 0733 - 23 23 11



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